Halston Commissions Marios Schwab to Take the Lead

The once iconic American namesake, Halston, is looking for a modern ‘brand forward’ approach with newly commissioned London fashion designer, Marios Schwab.

Since the brand expanded past the originator, Roy Halston Frowick, back in the early ‘80s, it has been met with mixed results. Over a half-dozen different designers have tried to infuse sustainable life into this brand, making Schwab’s designer guidance crucial to the continued success of Halston.

Halston is hoping Schwab is the versatile designer that can finally take what has always been great about the Halston’s DNA and cultivate something to truly revolutionize fashion once again!
This is not an easy task, considering the current industry state as well as the economy, but it seems this Greek-Austrian designer is up for the challenge. He will take the helm with a clear vision for Halston, while also continuing with his own label just launched in 2005 earning him the ‘Best New Designer prize at the British Fashion Awards in 2006 and the prestigious Swiss Textiles Award in 2007.’

I’d like to find a new way of designing for the woman who loved Halston. His clothes were ultra-luxe, they were a fantasy of fashion, and yet they were also really timeless and universal. To see Bianca Jagger wearing Halston and Pat Cleveland wearing Halston is to see two very different outcomes of one iconic look. He didn’t try to complicate the personality of the woman wearing his clothes; he used simplicity as a way of highlighting her individuality. That part of his heritage is central for me. –Marios Schwab, via Interview with Style.com

Schwab will keep his personal label in London and transfer to New York this fall. His new collection under the Halston brand is set to hit the runway by the February of 2010.

We here at LadyLUX, look forward to seeing how Schwab’s vision for Halston is translated into the new, innovative design signature of this momentous label!

To see the full interview, visit Style.com.


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