Happy 50th Birthday Barbie!

Our favorite style icon that introduced us to the wonderful world of fashion, showing us all that glitters and how much fun it is to be girlie and play dress up and change outfits fifty times in order to get the look just right turns 50 today!! It was in New York on March 9th, 1959 that Barbie was born in the toy world and has remained ageless, giving us the best of style through each era of her life. How is the benchmark of half a century being celebrated? At her Malibu Dream House of course. And only a handful of special invited guests will get to participate in what is the greatest pink birthday party ever with tunes being spun by none other than celebrity dj DJ AM! Most definitely a fete not to be missed.

Luckily Barbie is not just for little girls anymore. Now Barbie fans of all ages can enjoy her youthfulness by using her cosmetics and carrying limited edition Barbie accessories. With the brilliant idea to team up with cosmetic company Stila, a new line of Barbie beauty products is available at Sephora in honor of her fifthieth birthday. The line features the necessary beauty products to create the look of iconic barbie dolls, some even coming with step-by-step application guides! What a fun way to recreate our childhood and keep the girlie spirit alive!

Coming in June is a Barbie Bridal line that will only be launched in Japan, targeting the toy-crazed adults of the Eastern country. Apparently the children aren't catching on the way the parents are so Mattel has decided to appeal to the older female market. We are all for whatever it takes to keep Barbie's spirit alive!

We at Lady LUX fully believe in celebrating our inner Barbie. In fact, to honor our lovely icon, all week we are sporting our favorite pink outfits and accessories with nothing but stillettos. We want to know how you are celebrating and embracing your inner Barbie. Be sure to leave a comment below or send in an e-mail keeping us up-to-date with your Barbie inspirations. After all, isn't it fun being a girl?

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Photo Courtesy of Barbie.com and Sephora.com

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