Happy Fourth of July!

Although you plan to toast our nation's independence and our 200+ years free from Britain, you can't forget about the wardrobe. Whether you're rocking it poolside with the family or heading to a chic oceanfront soirée, there's always a way to look patriotic, the posh way.

1. Polka Dot Bikini by Coco Rave
Who doesn't need a itsy bitsy polka dot bikini? If there there had to be a quintessential summer day, it's the fourth of July. Everyone's going to be asking where you got your suit, when you hit the beach in this classic two-piece.

2. Striped Sunglasses by Dolce & Gabbana
People will know who you're rooting for when you don these shades. Bearing our nation's flag across some (ironically) Italian eyewear, will not only be a conversation starter, but a great way to celebrate 234 years of independence!

3. Must Have Shift by Boden USA
The red, polka dot shift dress might make you stand out from the crowd, but the simple style makes it a timeless classic. Easily cut out from a 1950's catalog, you'll be the most stylish guest at your July 4th fête!

4. Americana Necklace by Elva Fields
LadyLux is a huge fan of Emily Wheat's nostalgic jewelry. The chunky white lucite beads are totally chic and the enamel flowers make patriotism oh-so-pretty. Swipe these keepsake before it's gone.

5. Red Canvas Classics by Toms Shoes
Everyone needs some comfy shoes for the 4th. Whether you're at a beachside party or backyard BBQ, these slip-ons by Toms are a must-have. Plus, they are totally easy to pack so if you want to start the night off in espadrilles, just stick these in a clutch and you're good to go.

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