Hard Economic Times Cause Stylists to Think ‘Beyond the Closet’

Changing times require updated measures!! When it comes to stylists approach to building consumer value and drumming up business many are looking beyond the traditions of the past.

As many of us know, sometimes it takes challenges in life to push us to think more creatively and to have the courage to follow through with new, innovative approaches. This economic condition seems exactly what stylists needed to tap into their inner entrepreneur!!

No longer waiting for work to come to them, many have turned to building their own brands! Think the Rachel Zoe Project.

“Nowadays, you have to be a one-stop shop,” Stephenson said. “If you haven’t moved forward to extend yourself as a brand and you’re just a stylist, this is a really difficult time.”

Some are deciding to make their own labels and marketing their approach in revolutionary ways. For instance, as shown in the video above, stylist & storeowner, Kirsten Prosser of onQueStyle, has taken a whole new approach to helping people ‘swap’ their closet with new, updated apparel for half the price!! This modern approach not only allows people to look through their own closets and make room, but also provides them with the amazing opportunity to purchase top fashion without breaking their haute pocket books! Such a LUXified approached to shopping!

Personally, I find myself recycling what’s in my closet. I’m saying, ‘Remember that jacket — I’m going to wear it again.’ It forces you to look at what you have, what you don’t need and shop wisely,” Rachel Zoe told WWD last week.

Another way these stylists can turn their talents into a profitable business is to utilize social networking avenues. Building their follow-ship only assists them in getting noticed by bigger brands!! Collaboration, as we know, is the trend of the season. By building their fan base they can be taken more seriously in terms of positive influence for larger companies looking to branch out.

So what do you think LUXies?? Do you tend to be attracted to those stylists with an entrepreneurial spirit? Has this economic shift caused you to tap your own creative genius when it comes to updating your own style statements??

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