Hashtags4Heros Twitter campaign donates unused characters

Donating clothes and canned food is old news. In today’s modern world, you can donate your unused Twitter characters to a good cause. A new application called Hashtags4Heros will auto-populate the unused characters in tweets with messages to raise awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP), an organization seeking to honor and empower veterans wounded since 9/11.

The application, launched by WWP supporter Raytheon for Military Appreciation Month, aims to create awareness for the work that has been done for the injured military service members and their families.

“The number one reason we’re doing this is awareness — it has the potential to influence anyone who uses Twitter,” said Joe Washam, a former Army sergeant wounded in Baghdad from a building explosion, as reported by “All of your followers will see what you tweet, and hopefully they click on your links.”

Hashtags4Heros runs in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox. Mobile apps are also offered for iOs, Android and Blackberry browsers. For users that would like to participate but don’t want tweets to autofill for the entire month, Hashtags4Heros’s website offers direct tweeting with automatic messages in the unused characters.

Raytheon had hoped for the campaign would hit 30,000 donated characters before Memorial Day, but just one week after the launch, more than 125,000 characters have been filled with Hashtags4Heros messages. The campaign now aims to donate 300,000 characters by May 31.

Click here to tweet from Hashtags4Heros and support the cause.

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