“Incognito Design Exhibition” from Persol Eyewear Becomes Art

LUXies, an intricate display documenting the timeless design and distinct brand of Persol, innovative eyewear designer, opens this month in New York City. The ‘Incognito Design Exhibition,’ will tell the 92-year heritage and distinct nature of the Italian brand.

Persol holds an iconic following in Hollywood, from Jack Nicholson all the way to Cindy Crawford has flashed their eyewear. Although, their big-screen appearance was by Steve McQueen wearing the PO 714 frames back in 1968 in the opening act of The Thomas Crown Affair!! The Italian designer has truly made an impact.

“We found this brand in our portfolio,” says Fabio d’Angelantonio, chief marketing officer of Luxottica Group, which picked up the line in 1995. “It had a fantastic story, but we weren’t telling it. We weren’t telling consumers enough about what the brand stands for. It was right to restart a journey for Persol.” –wwd.com

The display will overlay in three-parts to tell the story using a ‘video wall, a 26 foot interactive touch screen table as well as collection displays’. The concept of this art exhibit is to create an experience of the brand as well as visual art that highlights the process of the designs by Persol. The brand is much more than the end result, it’s about the innovative nature of the evolution of the idea from conception to execution. This display is definitely meant to have you experience the brand—the designs aimed to peek your craving for Persol creations to adorn you. Introspective, entertaining and tech-savvy, what could be more LUX?!?

“So much of Persol is not just the final product, but the process and manufacturing through which this product has been introduced,” he explains. “That’s the similarity with the world of art. We’re celebrating the process.” –via wwd.com

‘Incognito Design Exhibition’ will make its American Debut on June 24 at the New York’s Whitney Museum of American Art and will only run for 5-days. Up until this point it was a traveling display that started back in 2006 in Milan and then traveled to Paris. We now have the opportunity to experience the heritage of this LUX eyewear designer for ourselves!! wink


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