Innovative Marketing by Vans: Inspiring the Voice of the Youth

Imagine sharing your own hopes and dreams for the future, and then having those hopes and dreams displayed live on a giant video screen in New York City? Well, that’s exactly what is possible through a new ‘Be Here’ campaign by the active footwear brand, Vans.

Launched on December 15th and available until January 5th, you can simply visit their site and create your own inspiring message to try to make the cut for the coveted spot in Times Square.

“As 2009 comes to a close, this is a truly unique opportunity for Vans to share the thoughts of potentially millions of young people in an original and expressive way,” said Doug Palladini, Vans Vice President of Marketing. “Vans is opening a window into the minds of global youth culture via the screen in Times Square to share individual creative expression, a cornerstone of the Vans brand.”

The Times Square live feed will feature only the ‘best of the best’ submissions. They’ll play every hour for a dedicated ten minute window for 24-hours during this set timeframe. If you make the cut, then you’ll be notified directly with the time that your message will appear, so you can share it with others and catch the live feed of the display for yourself at

Since this is a global brand, the messages will be welcomed in a variety of languages that include: English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese.

We love seeing the inclusive nature and global perspective of such campaigns. It definitely ranks high on our creative marketing meter.

What about YOU LUXies? Does this campaign make you want to share your voice with the world?

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