International Fashion Giant Burberry Plans to Launch Social Networking Site

Come October, Burberry will have a new online presence, ArtofTheTrench.com.

The focus of this new online site is meant to strengthen the fashion brand’s relationship with its customers. At first, this site will invite all LUXies obsessed with their Burberry trench coats to send their very own picture featuring their best version of themselves in their Burberry winter wear. Over time, this site will grow as a place where all Burberry fans can meet up.

With such a large following on Facebook, over 660,000 fans to be exact, it definitely gives hope for this fashion brand to successfully transition into this digital strategic shift.

Chief executive Angela Ahrendts told the Financial Times: “These might not even be customers yet. Or they may be a customer for a bottle of fragrance or for eyewear. But these are the customers who need the brand experience, who need to feel the brand. That word-of-mouth spreads through their social networks and continues to be a positive conversation [about Burberry]… that is so powerful.”

This dynamic and flexible LUX-brand is definitely determined to engage a younger generation interested in high-end brands! What a way to do that using the one medium we have all grown to love, our computer. We here at LadyLUX wish them much success with this venture and look forward to seeing what’s to come from such a pioneer in the fashion industry!

So LUXies, what do you think? Does being a Burberry fan increase your chances to join the Burberry social media movement?

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