International Women’s Day Honors Achievements of Women

Proud to be a woman? So are we. Each year, thousands of women come together at events throughout the world to celebrate International Women’s Day and the many political, economic and social achievements of women. From women prime ministers to improved access to higher education, IWD honors all things female.

Held each year on March 8, women can get inspired by events such as political rallies, business conferences, government activities, networking events, local women's craft markets, theatric performances, fashion parades and more. This year's theme is "The Gender Agenda: Gaining Momentum." An official holiday in countries ranging from Armenia and Cuba to Uganda and Russia, IWD is a time to honor mothers, wives, daughters and others with small gifts.

In modern times we have seen a major shift in the way society sees women’s equality and emancipation. While in the past some may have felt the battles for women’s rights have been mostly won, feminists today recognize how deeply patriarchy is ingrained. IWD is a time to recognize that while women are taking more corporate leadership, gaining greater legislative rights and increasingly becoming role models in every aspect of life, women have yet to achieve true equality. Women are paid less than men, not equally represented in the business and political sphere, suffer more violence and receive poorer quality education and health care than do men.

On the other hand, vast strides have been accomplished. From female astronauts and world leaders to widespread education for women, women today are increasingly witnessing greater choices. International Women’s Day has thus shifted in recent years from remembering the negative side of women’s issues to celebrating the positives.

Be sure to check out the official IWD website, which features thousands of events sponsored by businesses, women’s groups, schools, governments, charities and other institutions. Celebrate this important day by sharing events, news and resources.

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