Is Shopping Good for the Soul?

LUXies, a new study has just revealed that the economy has shifted how we, as women, feel when we shop. Shopping, a ritual for some and a religious experience for others, seems to have changed due to the doom and gloom of our economic times!

“Going shopping now comes with more baggage so woman are trying to find creative ways to justify their spree while looking to other indulgences in their life which are guilt-free.”

Researchers found that 83% of us feel ‘guilty’ for spending some hard-earned cash on pretty extras such as, new attire, shoes or that perfect accessory. As we know, it’s definitely a priority to care for self, so why would shopping become such a ‘guilty pleasure’ instead of a pampering perk?? With this staggering statistic, we felt inspired to inquire.

So LUX-fashionistas, in this economic landscape, have you felt a difference in how you feel when you invest in your own fashion statement and wardrobe? If yes, why?

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