Isaac Mizrahi Unveils His New Fabulous Scent

Isaac Mizrahi has always been pursued originality — a commitment that has helped him to launch a wildly successful career. A four- time Council of Fashion Design of America Award winner and creator of IsaacMizrahiLIVE!, Isaac Mizrahi New York, Isaac and Isaac Mizrahi Jeans, there’s not much he hasn’t done in the fashion world. Now, the fashion maven is walking off the runway and adding perfumier to his ever-expanding repertoire, with his first fragrance, “Fabulous.”

“I’ve been at this for a very long time —designing clothes, building the brand—and I haven’t made a fragrance because I haven’t really had the 

opportunity to partner with the right moment. But, the moment has really come,” explained Mizrahi. He added, “It’s been so long in my brain and now it’s an actual product. I did it because I wanted to finally bring the brand together and this fragrance embodies what the brand is: Fabulous.”

The fragrance is more than just a scent; Mizrahi hopes that it’s a vivid reminder to all women who don it, that they are, in fact, fabulous. “Someone stopped me the other day and she said something that I was hoping someone would say, which was that when she smells it, she thinks of herself as fabulous,” Mizrahi stated. He continued, “It’s like a reminder, ‘Oh right, I’m fabulous.’”

Isaac Mizrahi Unveils His New Fabulous Scent

It’s like a reminder, ‘Oh right, I’m fabulous

The fragrance embodies the creativity and originality that is the heart of the brand, according to its maker. “The scent is an incredible blend. It’s really original and it’s really kind of fresh,” he said. He continued by explaining that the scent, “... tells a story. It starts with nectarines, bergamot and then it becomes very floral—peony like—and finishes in a dry, sandalwood way. I’ve been working on that blend for a long time.”

The Fabulous eau de parfum is the perfect addition to the Isaac Mizrahi brand family, providing the long-awaited, missing piece to the master’s many accomplishments. “This brand is trying to be a brand that is filled with humor, warmth and color and I think the woman who relates to this doesn’t mind going over the top sometimes, doesn’t mind being a little crazy sometimes,” Mizrahi explained. He added, “The word fabulous just embodies all of that. I mean, the name of the perfume isn’t quiet or demure; it’s fabulous.”

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Fabulous, by Isaac Mizrahi

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