Isaac Mizrahi takes a walk on the bride side

Here comes the bride, and here comes Isaac Mizrahi with the perfect dress. The designer has concocted six new wedding dresses for The Aisle New York collection, to be released Tuesday on its members-only online store.

“The way I am going about it is breaking down that kind of purity and the final use of a wedding dress. There was a time when you couldn’t get away with that kind of lack of irony,” the “The Fashion Show” star said to WWD. “For a woman, a wedding gown is the most important thing she’ll wear in her life, and on that day she wants a dress of her own.”

Mizrahi is no stranger to the world of wedding gowns. He has designed dresses for Target, worked on wedding gear on and off, and is now returning to the industry – except in a whole different price bracket. Brides will have to shell out between $2,200 to $4,500 for one of the six looks.

The collection caters to women of different shapes, with gowns in sizes 0 through 14, plus customers can submit their measurements for a customized dress. Styles available range from a one-shoulder tulle dress and an ivory peplum gown with three distinct belt options to a silk minidress with large floral accents.

A big movie fan, Mizrahi draws inspiration from films, such as the wedding scenario in “Funny Face,” in which he adores the scene of Audrey Hepburn running down the aisle, and the start of “The Palm Beach Story.”

The designer fills his days with more than just designing. His television show may or may not be renewed for another season, and he enjoys arts-related costuming, swimming and cooking. As he puts it in reference to his cooking skills to WWD, “I am kind of good at everything.”

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