ISM mode brings true artistry to Fashion Week

In just her second collection, Inka Sherman has made a name for herself and her label, ISM mode, within the realm of up-and-coming LA-based designers. Her newest collection breaks the mold in turning toward sustainable fashion, effortlessly blending comfort with sophistication.

Originally a high-end contemporary brand from Berlin, Germany, ISM mode, and this collection in particular, has a strong vintage-esque feel.

“I’ve always loved the style of the ‘20s to the ‘50s because of their style and flow,” Sherman said. “I like my clothes to be comfortable and casual, but still sophisticated and elegant.”

And this is exactly how her line comes across. With a strong geometric and structured feel, her clothes are still able to be incredibly wearable.

Her Concept LA installation during Los Angeles Fashion Week proved that her artistry transcends fashion, as it spilled onto the backdrop of the six looks she created for the show. She used two painted canvases by artist Gary Palmer and a large black-and-white photo taken by photographer Justin Myrick, who also happens to be her boyfriend.

For the other three backdrops, Sherman went to a scrapyard and collected metals and other items. She then connected, adjusted, spray-painted and designed them herself to work in the installations. Although she only showed six looks during LAFW, her Fall/ Winter collection has 25 ensembles, which are designed to appeal to women with artistic personalities.

ISM mode is produced locally in Los Angeles, and the designer makes a strong effort to maintain sustainability.

“I use some organic fabrics. It’s still a growth process because a lot of fabrics I use for texture aren’t available organically just yet,” Sherman revealed.

Currently available at Chemline in Chinatown, Los Angeles, as well as at EM & Co. on West Third Street, ISM mode is sure to be making its way around stores in LA very soon.

This article was contributed by Dani Smith. To read more from Dani, follow her adventures on Twitter at @Danilaexoxo.

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