James Nolan Takes First Prize for his Lingerie Design at Milan Fashion Week

British designer James Nolan, 20, was one of 28 different design students who presented their interpretation of the ‘icons’ theme at the Triumph Inspiration Award of 2009. His unique design perspective of the icon ‘Odette and Odile’ secured him a spot at the top!

The award was selected using an expert panel of celebrities from a variety of fields. Some of the most memorable names include two-time Academy Award winning actress Hilary Swank, Editor in Chief of Vogue Italy Franca Sozzani and legendary fashion photographer Giovanni Gastel. Each design was reviewed on the following criteria: innovation and creativity in interpreting the design motto ‘Icons,’ individuality, concept, aesthetics, quality in design and execution.

“Success is the result of talent and hard work. I am thrilled to see how both come together in these passionate pieces by young fashion design students - they truly deserve a stage such as the Triumph Inspiration Award”, stated two-time Academy Award winning actress Hilary Swank.

Nolan was awarded 15,000 Euros and his winning lingerie piece has been selected by the Triumph design team to be re-interpreted and made available worldwide in select Triumph stores in 2010. This award has just put James Nolan on the fashion map internationally.


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