Jessica Simpson, Twitter queen

Jessica Simpson is getting busy with Twitter. Well, sort of. The famous actress/singer, who has an impressive following of 3.5 million on the social media device, can sometimes go a week without tweets should she feel in the mood. Her philosophy is simple: Share what she thinks her followers would find interesting and tweet when inspiration strikes.

“It’s authentic to my emotions. I don’t want to bombard people,” Simpson told WWD. “There’s a reason why there’s a 140-character limit.”

While her brand, the Jessica Simpson Collection, has an official company Twitter account (@JSCollection), it draws a poor 20,000 in comparison to the star’s millions of fans. The tweets from Simpson are not company endorsed, but rather the “real deal.”

“It’s a window into her,” Leah Robert, vice president of licensing and marketing of Camuto Group, the brand’s master licensee, to WWD.

It was back in spring 2010 when the company discovered the power of Twitter. Simpson had sent a tweet about a T-strap platform sandal she had worn that day. The shoe sold out in the snap of the fingers and had to be reordered three times. Today it is still a best seller—and Twitter continues to be top on the list of ways for the company to advertise its brand.

“It’s a very powerful text message,” Simpson said of Twitter to WWD. “I signed up because it’s a great place to reach out to my fans. I can have a voice.”

Considering the huge amount of time consumers spend surfing the Web, bloggers sand blogger-centric events have become key for the label to reach its consumers. When Simpson prances around in a look from her own collection, she sends a tweet saying so, causing demand to spiral. The company pre-sells on its website to keep pace, taking orders even before the piece is released.

The Jessica Simpson Collection has also found luck through its Facebook page. For example, a “Show Me Your Blues” campaign, in which users uploaded pics of themselves in the brand’s jeans, caused a 400 percent increase in followers, hitting 50,000 fans.

“As the collection grows, it’s important to invest in this medium. We can control the message and go directly to the consumer. We see immediate results and can fulfill consumer needs,” Robert said to WWD. “But it is organic in terms of how we get it out there. We let Jessica break the news and we take it from there.”

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