Jet Set: nhow Berlin

For all those music lovers out there, nhow Berlin, a new lifestyle hotel located on the River Spree in Berlin, has officially launched. Its claim to fame is that it is the only hotel in Europe to boast two professional music studios.

Nhow, developed by NH Hoteles, prides itself on being a new generation of hotels: unconventional, life affirmative, constantly in movement and locally rooted while at home anywhere in the world.

The location makes sense for a musically inclined building: The hotel is situated in the heart of Berlin’s music industry, between Universal and MTV, with quite a number of clubs and companies, from record labels to music electronics firms, only a stone’s throw away.

“The creativity, dynamism and urban lifestyle of the city on the Spree are in keeping with the innovative concept of the lifestyle brand of NH Hoteles,” stated a press release from NH Hoteles. The new hotel is the second nhow hotel in Europe, after Milan.

In the nhow Music Sound Floor, both up-to-date and vintage equipment allow vocal and instrumental recordings, as well as synchronous takes and recordings of the spoken word. The hotel hopes that partnering with Lautstark – which has worked with REM, David Bowie and U2 – for creative direction will help artists to experience high quality standards.

Beyond music, special features include design and architecture from Sergei Tschoban and New York star designer Karim Rashid, respectively, plus the lobby and outside space have been turned into a “dynamic space solution,” providing artists with a new venue in which to exhibit.

The concept is constantly moving space and décor in flux, with special design installations such as Berlin graffiti artists, who display their stuff on one of the hotel walls.

Rashind’s work – fresh colors, rounded forms and clear lines – has transformed the building into one of Berlin’s design highlights, allowing guests to “enter a new world.”

Nhow’s 304 rooms – including standard, VIP, junior suites and the impressive nhow Suite – boast interesting touches like disappearing IP televisions and bathrooms with tinted glass walls to allow for daylight while providing privacy.

The hotel has all kinds of lux features: a fitness room, saunas, steam bath, fine dining with views of the river, large event rooms with the latest conference technology, and more. Get creatively inspired while staying there? Hotel staff will bring a guitar to your room.

According to the hotel, it is always fashion week there. From exclusively designed head dressings worn by reception staff to the latest fashion trends sold in a guerilla store, there are plenty of opportunities to add a taste of fashion to your hotel experience.

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