Jimmy Choo to Launch Active Footwear Collection

High fashion genius brand, Jimmy Choo will soon offer a complete active footwear line allowing us to make a fashion statement in trainers!

This new line will feature cool new prints and lots of texture. Expect the new shoe trend of high top trainers to be a main feature of this collection and to transform athletic footwear to runway worthy! Definitely LUX and 90’s inspired!

“Yes, these are a welcome relief for feet, but it isn’t just about feeling comfortable. Fashion is in love with all things Nineties, so it makes sense that high-top is having a moment again,” Siobhan Mallen, associate fashion director of Grazia magazine also told the newspaper.

It seems there’s a trend towards comfort, yet chic at the same time! So we definitely look forward to seeing this collection, especially because what could be more LUX than Jimmy Choo high-tops?

Expect these new kicks to start at £395 a pair. There’s some competition in this area, where Christian Louboutin also offers some high-tops at about £545 a pair.

So LUXies, what do you think of this new trend? Does it meet your trend-worthy eye? Do you like the idea of a Jimmy Choo active footwear collection?

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