Judith Leiber’s new fragrance ‘Night’ set to make splash

Judith Leiber is queen of the minaudière. Celebrity fashionistas such as Mila Kunis and Elisabeth Moss can’t get enough of her petite, jewel-encrusted creations. Leiber has been producing custom-made bags since the 1960s, but made a smooth transition to perfume in 2007, with the popular signature scent Leiber. Her new follow-up fragrance, Night, is equally alluring.

Wrapped in a sleek black bottle with Swarovski crystal embellishments that are reminiscent of Leiber’s classic designs, the scent is a sultry blend of black cinnamon, jasmine, caramelized amber and incense. Despite its name and rich ingredient list, Night can also be worn in the daytime, given its refreshing and feminine aroma. Feel confident in your skin with each and every spritz.

The newly debuted fragrance is exclusive to Judith Leiber boutiques in store or online, and Bergdorf Goodman.

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LadyLUX via Judith Leiber

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