Karl Lagerfeld: Living life to the utmost

Karl Lagerfeld is anything but cliché—except his extremely valuable philosophy for living life: Live life to the fullest.

“There's nothing better than life—or worse. It depends what kind of life you have,” he said to UK Vogue, believing he has much to celebrate. “[I want to celebrate] being alive, being in good health, being successful. It is not that bad, huh?”
His lengthy career has twisted over the years, as he was experimented with photography and filmmaking beyond his extensive turn at Chanel. Along the way, he has learned a great deal.
“I'm used to doing different things,” he told the Metro. “I just made three movies [for Magnum ice cream] for the launch in America with a divine little American actress called Rachel Bilson. I think it's very funny. I hate to be limited in an ivory tower, which could happen very easily in this kind of fashion world. I hate ivory towers. But I don't use cell phones. I read, I write, I love faxes, I like to take notes. I hate to be on the phone, I think it's an intrusion. I'm reading, I'm sketching, I don't want to be interrupted.”

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LadyLUX via Getty Images, Ron Galella

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