Karl Lagerfeld to Mind the Chanel Boutique in Paris for Fashion Night Out

Fashion leaders from all over the world are showing up to help support this revolutionary initiative, Fashion Night Out. Among them is creative genius and legendary Karl Lagerfeld, who has offered his time to support the events of the evening. Now that is what we call a LUX-ified leader!!

He will be joining French Vogue editor in chief, Carine Roitfeld. Together, they’ll be paving the way for a successful night at the Chanel boutique on Avenue Montaigne in Paris.

“I have no problem doing that. I’m a shopkeeper anyway since I have a bookshop,” said Lagerfeld, referring to his 7L boutique on the Rue de Lille here.

Lagerfeld isn’t holding back to ensure success. He’s even appearing on a local cable TV station, Canal, this Wednesday to highlight what’s to be expected for all consumers who will join him at this shopping extravaganza!!

For all those LUX-fashionistas in the Paris vicinity expect to be greeted by a ‘divine’ cocktail party atmosphere with Lagerfeld’s ‘couture’ wear being the focal point of the event!! The display will highlight main features in his up and coming ready-to-wear collection such as a one of his ‘signature black tweed jackets.’ Know you won’t be leaving empty-handed, just for attending you’ll receive ‘bottles of green and pink nail varnish from Chanel’s Jade Nail Collection.’ A LUX-gift for attendance and supporting your local economy, this is most definitely the making of much needed fashion collaboration!!

So for all of our LUXies planning on attending Fashion Night Out, whether it be in Paris or the city nearest you, be sure to share with us what you’re most looking forward to of the night's festivities??

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