Kate Middleton may choose Diana’s dressmaker

Bruce Oldfield, known for creating custom couture for London's elite, may be designing the bridal dress for the future addition to the royal family, Kate Middleton.

Last month, when Oldfield heard the news of the engagement, he told WWD: “If I was lucky enough to be asked, I’d be delighted. I’m already dressing her peers.”

The rumor, however, hasn't circulated due to a sighting at Oldfield's boutique. The idea has been inferred from the numbers.

British bookie Paddy Power told WWD that the odds are 1-3 that Oldfield will be the bridal designer of choice for Prince William's wedding. Power said the probability is based on the fact that Brits are making big stake bets, as much as £500 ($779), on Oldfield.

“We saw this pattern of royal wagers with the venue and the date, and they both proved correct,” Darren Haines, a spokesman for Paddy Power, said to WWD.

The booking house did not expect to receive a surge of bets so quickly, Haines said, but it looks as if people are getting antsy about the fashion choice.

“It appears the cat is out of the bag,” he said.

Clarence House, Prince William's office, said the talk is just speculation, and they could neither confirm nor deny that Oldfield would be designing Middleton's dress. Oldfield also declined to comment.

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