Kate Middleton says ‘no’ to Bruce Oldfield

The subject of much British chatter recently has been Kate Middleton's wedding gown. Princess Diana's dressmaker, Bruce Oldfield, was rumored to be in the running for making the gown, and bookies said the bets were bringing in big numbers. As of today, however, the royal family has confirmed that the gossip was simply that: gossip.

Yvonne Yorke, a journalist for the Huffington Post, verified with the royal family that it was merely a rumor. Yorke advised the public to look to the fiancée’s family for clues about the big day. Middleton's sister and mother both used lesser-known designers, a route Kate would apparently like to take.

“There's indication that Catherine has gone for a young, ‘little-known', British designer,” Yorke said. “When the name is officially announced, it will come as a surprise to many, and catapult the designer to worldwide fame.”

Privacy is such a priority that the dress is being made – as we speak – behind the palace walls. The only day people will get a glimpse is the day of the event.

“The world will get their first full view of the spectacular dress when the bride alights from the carriage at the West Door of Westminster Abbey,” Yorke reported.

Although Middleton is following in the shadow of a global icon, Princess Diana, she also wants to carve her own mold in British society. Just as any lady preparing for her big day, she wants to do things her own way.

“Much of the focus on (Oldfield) is due to his connection with Diana - Oldfield had designed evening gowns for the princess early in her marriage,” Yorke said. “However, as Catherine already has the ‘Diana ring,' she has other ideas regarding her wedding dress.”

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