Kate Moss for Longchamp

With several campaigns and frequently being spotted carrying the designer brand, it is no surprise the very stylish Kate Moss is teaming up with Longchamp to design a small collection of handbags. For the supermodel, while this is her first attempt at designer handbags, she is no stranger to collaborations. Moss has already created a successful apparel collection with Topshop and her own signature fragrance and lotion line.

The ‘Kate Moss for Longchamp’ collection will consist of seven styles that include a tote bag, evening clutch and a weekend bag, for a total of 25 chic pieces. The collection will be available in classic Longchamp colors and Moss’s signature zebra print.

It seems bringing in the supermodel and therefore her huge following was a smart strategic move on Longchamp’s part. Moss’s sold out success at Topshop caused such a frenzy with her fan base and media, which is what Longchamp could only hope for. While the brand is a classic, the new generation of shoppers does not look to the French designer when in pursuit of a new handbag. However, hopefully with Moss on their side, Longchamp can appeal to a younger, fresher audience and revamp their image.

The collection will be overseen by Longchamp’s artistic director Sophie Delafontaine and is scheduled to hit Longchamp stores on February 11, 2010 and selected department stores in March. If you love what you see in this first collection, you can look forward to seeing more Kate in the upcoming seasons. Looks like this collaboration won’t be just a onetime deal.

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