Kate Spade’s new website: Come and play

Kate Spade has reworked its website in a big way, resulting in an intuitive user interface and a “come play with me” front-end design. Revealed on Wednesday, the redesign shifts away from simply an e-commerce focus to a greater inclusion of editorial content.

“The new will fuse a 50-50 ratio of shopping and editorial, according to digital marketing manager Cecilia Liu. Previously editorial content occupied just 15 percent.” – WWD

Users visiting the website have the initial choice to “shop” or “play.” Play will land the viewer on a page allowing a glimpse of the world of the brand from a behind-the-scenes perspective. Other content options available to brand enthusiasts to experience the site include company projects, partnerships, events and ad campaigns.

“We have kept ‘Behind the Curtain,’ our previous content section that many of our fans have become familiar with. We’ve also kept our popular ‘Things We Love’ feature, but we’ve added loads of other categories, namely ‘The Weekly Spade’ color blog and pieces on our partnership with Women for Women International,” Liu said to WWD, adding the brand tapped digital agency Create the Group for the initial redesign.

The redesign goes beyond content. Customers will find an enhanced shopping experience overall with detailed search options, improved product photography and a more streamlined checkout processes, creating a slick and intuitive user experience complementing the brand’s “sunny” persona.

“A big driver of why we wanted to go in this direction is because all of this stuff has been going on within the company for ages — and now that so many more people are online and there are so many points of contact online, we’re able to consolidate all this behind-the-scenes material into one place,” Liu said to WWD. “We’re hoping it connects people better to the brand and in turn will help business organically.”

The site will likely be seeing more cross-channel chatter due to its prime placement of social media tools, allowing fans to better share via Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Check out the redesign at

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