Kohl’s Sweeter Than Candy Ad: Britney Spears for Candie’s

LUXies, check out the new Fall Ad for Kohl’s junior line, Candie’s, featuring, Britney Spears. This campaign is in contrast to her more revealing spring affair with the brand and yet, still has that sexy element and allure.

It seems Britney has just wrapped her new video, Radar, where she also sports the Candie’s apparel!! The video centers on Britney’s obsession with a super sexy polo player and how he gets ‘caught in her radar’ and she draws him in. The video edition helps bring life to the clothes in a completely different form.

“I was so excited to wear Candie’s in my ‘Radar’ video,” says Britney in a press release. “I especially loved their jeans and cute dresses which were perfect for the theme of my video.”

Candie’s plans to use short clips of the video as part of their commercial marketing, so be on the look out come fall. But if you just can’t wait to see Ms. Brit do her thing, click ‘Radar’ to preview!

The Candie’s collection will be available exclusively at Kohl’s Department Stores starting at the end of summer and prices will range from $20-40 a piece. A winner for even the most conservative fashionista!! wink

This whole campaign seems to resonate a ‘Barbie-esque’ quality for me! What do you think LUXies? Is this a line you’ll support?

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