La Perla Announces New Business Strategy

La Perla has just unveiled a new business approach that’s aimed at creating a stronger brand in the marketplace.

Over the years, La Perla has acquired other labels and simply added them to their design house. With the changing economic conditions those in charge have decided to take a full inventory of all the collections. It seems they’ll keep two of their existing lines: La Perla and La Perla Studio and also add a whole new label dubbed ‘Villa Toscana.’

“The easy, casual-chic style of the Villa Toscana collection caters to a new, aspirational customer who wants to be part of the La Perla lifestyle,” Alan Prost, chief executive officer stated for WWD.com.

Expect this new addition to be representative of the labels’ roots. They’ll be capitalizing on their history of corsetry, designing pieces that are updated with more modern detail.

Some of the other changes include shifting their Black Label, Limited Edition and Bridal labels under the premium La Perla Franchise; while the Anna Club, Aquasuit and Joelle brands will be moving under the newly added Villa Toscana label. The original La Perla Studio, Malizia and Glamour Labels will be placed under the La Perla Studio line.

From a consumer end, expect to see three consistent themes that include a ‘contemporary ‘Dolce Vita’ line, Tuscan authentic lifestyle and an urban infused collection. Also, pricing will be reduced across the board by approximately 25%. La Perla collection prices will be around 200 Euros or $300, Villa Toscana will be 100 euros or $150 and Studio will be selling for less than 100 Euros or $150.

This new strategy not only affects the styles available, but it also creates a variety of price ranges that weren’t available before. Now that’s LUX-tastic news!

There will also be a focus to return to paying attention to the ‘fit’ of their pieces. It seems in recent years they had steered away from the original intent of the label with designs only fit for the runway. Well, this will also be affected with this new business shift. They will now be focusing on understanding the real woman and what she expects from her intimate apparel!

What do you think of these changes from one of our FAV intimate apparel designer brands?

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