Learning from Nature: The Power of Language

How LUX is life when you can learn from the very nature and environment that surrounds each of us!! We here at LadyLUX love incorporating the simple wisdom of life into our own way of living, how about you?

Well, with a recent study having to do with elephants, researchers have found that they are even smarter than we had previously suspected. Which is a reminder in itself that with evolution and advancements, there is always more to learn and know!

They have found that elephants can actually distinguish between different human languages and tones. This is a simple example illustrating the evolution of this brilliant animal. Definitely holding LUX-appeal with their continued strength and brainpower.

“They've proved to have abilities which have only been found elsewhere in the great apes and humans. -According to Dick Byrne, Professor of Evolutionary Psychology at St. Andrew's University

The even more amazing thing is that they have even shown signs of sensitivity to a specific native language in Kenya, over other human languages that they have been exposed to. Researchers suggest that this is due to the fact that elephants have been put in danger and even killed by this Maasai warrior tribe. Therefore, African elephants have learned to adopt a sensitivity or aversion to this language as a way to survive. Demonstrating the power of cellular memory in animals and definitely intriguing to think how this too might affect our own relationships! Right?

Being a social species, communication and our own voice hold such importance for us to connect with others! As many know, we even say more with our tone, facial expressions, body language and emphasis on actual words than we might with just the words themselves. So imagine how our own patterns with language and others might affect the quality of our own friendships and relationships with others. As you can suspect, it most definitely makes for a lively LUX discussion and continues our LUX love for nature! wink

Could it be possible that the next time you find yourself being ‘annoyed' by that person talking behind you that it could be a reaction to something that is beyond the actual words?? Is it possible that just like elephants we too have learned to encode the power of protection in our sensitivity to language and communication? Share your insights with the LUX-Nation!

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