Leo & Kate Give-Back to Last Titanic Survivor

Since LadyLUX is all about ‘Good for the Sake of Good,’ there’s no way I could not acknowledge this A-list powerhouse duo who’s taking part in living the LUX life so wonderfully and totally demonstrating our mantra!! wink

Tapping into their Titanic roots they are stepping up together to financially support the last remaining survivor of the tragedy. Millvina Dean is 97 years of age and was only 2 months old when the ship capsized and she lost her father in the incident.

Millvina is currently in a nursing home and seems to have come up on some financial challenges, so much so that she was to the point where she was willing to sell autographs to just get by. Hearing of this situation, Leonardo Dicaprio, Kate Winslet and director James Cameron united to gift her each $10,000 for her living expenses alleviating her of this added stress. wink

This act of goodness is exactly what we would like to encourage everyone to do on a daily basis—and we are not speaking of sole monetary giving either. We are also speaking about the reciprocities you can share in from the historical wealth of your life to pay it forward to create richness. Get creative and donate your most precious resource, YOU! Volunteering your time to community centers geared towards helping the elderly or simply taking a moment out of your day to visit with a loved one who doesn’t get out much could make a huge difference for those who helped pave the way for the life we celebrate everyday.

Find someone one this week to gift with your time and energy and you could be someone’s miracle today. wink

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