Let’s get digital: Prada debuts e-store

Although many luxury brands appear to be making a slow crawl into the next phase of the virtual world, last Thursday Prada proved they aren't one of them. As Fashonista pointed out, Gucci and YSL recently popped up virtual shop, so naturally the Italian fashion house added their name to the list on luxury brands selling their goods to consumers directly online. Currently the store is only selling their coveted lux accessories fans lust after. For now the 24/7 retail therapy is limited to men and women's bags, wallets, sunglasses and travel accouterments. They also offer free shipping on purchases over $2,000… that seems like a great offer until you check out Gucci's site, which doesn't charge for shipping at all.

Hopefully, Prada will follow suit soon and start carrying ready-to-wear and footwear in the near future. When consumers can buy their iconic loafers online, it's easy to say they'll start imposing that “one for one person” rule and start shutting down the site for maintenance. No longer will your impulse shopping be relegated to the likes of vacations and Rodeo Drive, now all breaks loose with a click of a button—“buy”.

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