Levi’s Curve ID: Fit according to shape, instead of size

UPDATE: Curve ID is up on Levi’s website, click here.

Ladies, how many times have you tried on a pair of jeans but the fit was just … off? The waist was perfect but the bum was snug, or the bum was great and you could barely button it? Levi’s announced today that it will launch a new “fit” technology called Levi’s Curve ID this season to address these common problems.

Instead of simply using a one- or two-digit number, Levi’s will now take women’s shape into consideration when constructing the perfect pair of jeans. Levi’s team scanned the bodies of 60,000 women and determined three common body types, which showed up on 80 percent of women in their research—the slight curve, the demi curve and the bold curve. These three fits work by measuring the difference between a woman’s hip and seat; the larger the difference, the harder it is for many women to find a pair of jeans that hugs them in the waist and legs correctly. Slight curve is designed for women who find their jeans feel tight around their hips and thighs, whereas demi is for more even proportions, and bold leaves room for hips without the traditional gaping in the back.

“We’ve created three custom fits that address a range of body shapes, allowing women to find their perfect fit and ultimately helping them feel confident and sexy in their jeans,” Senior VP of Women’s Merchandising and Design for Levi’s, You Nguyen, said in a statement.

Communications intern at Levi’s, Elizabeth Windust, blogged about her experience with Curve ID. Elizabeth headed to the Levi’s store in San Francisco to try out the new hip-loving technology. At 5-feet-tall, the college senior doesn’t have the easiest time finding a pair of jeans.

“Finding jeans that don’t sag in the knee, flatten my rear, or accentuate my little love handles is nearly impossible,” she said in her post. At the SF store, a sales associate took her measurements and determined her to be a “slight curve.”

After a few moments in the dressing room, Elizabeth had found the solution to her denim woes.

“The length isn’t heinously excessive, and—brace yourself—my butt looks amazing,” she said.

Elizabeth’s initial cynicism may be warranted. It’s not easy for a lady to find a pair of jeans, no matter her shape or size. In its survey findings, Levi’s found that 54 percent of women (that’s more than half!) try on at least 10 pairs of jeans in order to walk away with just one pair. Almost 90 percent said they wished they could find jeans that fit better than the ones they own, and 67 percent of women believe jeans are designed with “ideal” figures in mind.

Starting this summer, Levi’s retail locations will train staff to measure women according to the Curve ID technology. For more information, visit Curve ID at Levi’s website.

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