Lifestyle Alert! LUX Fashion Embracing Green as the New Black

LUXies, it seems in the days to come we will not be forced to choose between pleasing the fashionista or our eco-desire within!! The trend in the fashion industry seems to be embracing the ‘Green Concept’ of sustainability and what might have been once a fad is turning out to be a revolution!! Embracing the joys of luscious brands and high-fashion, while also eco-ifying your wardrobe is becoming a new classification in the high fashion industry, ‘Sophisticated Green.’ It is no longer about giving up the LUX of your attire to save the trees, conserve resources or to better the planet! By high-end fashion making the new black green, it cements the shift that will be translated into the runway!! Have you noticed the feasibility to find more sexy, eco attire?? From hemp scarves to repurposing one material to make something much more modern and durable, these small shifts are started to impact the whole industry!! The trend has begun!!
Christian Kemp-Griffin, chief executive of Edun, denies it’s just a fad. “This is not a fashion trend that’s going to come and go — it’s a movement forward. Some brands, such as the outdoor clothing company Patagonia and Timberland, have been involved for a long time but now the big players such as PPR and LVMH are coming into it more.”
LVMH, the global group that owns more than 50 of the top brands has just announced their 50% investment into Edun this past May. This equates to about $10 million dollars--I don’t know about you LUXies, but in my opinion, this is quite an investment to be had by the global giant for a socially conscious organization! Definitely a sign that times are changing and that this is a permanent shift in recognizing lifestyle choices and manufacturing! We here at LadyLUX couldn’t be happier by this progress. If there wasn’t a need for it by the YOU, the aware consumer, LVMH never would have made such a huge investment! As we know, this economic landscape has shifted the focus to the essentials and the LUX-ury market is feeling the impacts of that choice. As a way to contend, the re-definition of LUX has begun. As you know, we here at LadyLUX stand behind this shift and we love seeing this more ‘global’ sustainable focus impact the way ‘pretty’ things are made. It’s not only in the use of organic materials that ecofy fashion, but it’s also in the method of production and distribution. For instance, a Swiss firm has just made the claim that they are the ‘first carbon neutral watch company’ and this was made possible by investing £25m in creating a manufacturing center that utilizes clean energy from a watermill. Now this was about 7 years ago way before this ‘trend’ was embraced by LUX brands and many people who once called this company the green guys at Schaffhausen, now refer to them as geniuses!’ How time and perspective can change the meaning of things? Forward-thinking concepts that affect one of the largest markets of all, LUX-ury items, has definitely started to take hold and grow. By more and more high-end brands embracing the eco-concepts, this can have an even greater and more impactful transformation for generations to come!!
“I am by no means perfect but I do think we should try to act responsibly wherever we can — and that includes the fashion industry.—said Stella McCartney
What do you think LUX Nation? Is this a concept that you too are starting to embrace? Share with us one thing you have shifted from high-end fashion to eco-fashion in your style statement?? Fashion.Life.Green.

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