Looking for a Couples Getaway?

Hey LUXies in love, whether you get away this weekend for Valentine’s Day or you’re looking for a place to rejuvenate and connect, check out the Four Season’s Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Set in the trend-setting district of Los Angeles, this five-star recently remodeled destination is truly one of a kind! With contemporary design and rich historic surroundings, it combines the new and old in perfect harmony. Not to mention, it specializes in offering the most exquisite spa packages designed especially for couples!

They offer what’s called the ‘lover’s duet couple’s massage’ that’s designed for you and your significant other to relax, re-connect and pamper yourselves all at the same time! With this special package, you have the choice between 60 or 90-minute sessions that you both get to experience at the same time. This is set in a private suite made just for you two, offering you privacy and the chance to rekindle the romantic essence within the relationship. Set this to soothing sounds with a backdrop made with rose petals and it sounds like heaven on earth! It’s even accompanied with champagne, special massage oil, bath salts made from champagne elixirs and dark chocolates that you get to take with you as a memento! Expect this package to be about $380 for the 60-minute massage and $490 for the 90-minute experience.

If you’d rather enjoy a relaxing massage in the surroundings of your own ‘hotel’ room you can do that as well by inviting one of the Spa’s massage therapists for partner massages offered in your actual hotel suite. This is a less expensive way to invite romance and relaxation into your weekend getaway! It’s about $105 for a 30-minute affair.

You can also enjoy exquisite cuisine at the new modern Italian restaurant, Culina, located in the hotel or plenty other top-rated places within short distance of the Four Season’s location.

Even soak in some of the beautiful Southern California sun by taking a dip in the infinity-edge pool and new LUX cabanas during the day!

So LUXies, after having a ‘taste’ of what the Four Seasons Beverly Hills has to offer will you be sure to put this on your next short list of places to visit with your special someone?

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