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Shopping at a clothing store can be difficult when trying on so many clothes. Sometimes it may be too much to handle. But online shopping has its disadvantages too. Some women might feel that it’s not the same as shopping with their girlfriends. Sometimes you absolutely need a second opinion—pronto! Lookmash.com, an online shopping savvy company, offers a new tool for online shopping that can answer some of women’s greatest style questions, instantly!

Previously, women in need of style advice had to ask others via Facebook, email, picture texts or an Internet fashion forum Q&A. Now, your daily styling questions can be solved by fellow fashionistas in a short amount of time.

Headquartered in Gdansk, Poland, Lookmash was founded in 2011 by Lukasz BrzeziƄski, Rafal Gadomski and Ola Renda. The concept of Lookmash emerged from their personal shopping experiences and the problems they had while shopping with others. The team of three wanted to create a new fashion tool using technology that put style before price.

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They created a widget to support your decision-making process while shopping. This widget is connected to a voting platform with over 300,000 volunteer voters that give instant fashion feedback and advice. It allows users to drag and drop pictures of clothing they like into a side-by-side comparison. Their comparison is then sent out to the voting platform that connects to the Lookmash community. Fashion lovers who are online will see the comparison and be able to cast their vote immediately by clicking on the item they like better.

Voting takes place at www.Lookmash.com, mobile phone apps (iPhone, Android and Windows Phone) and on fashion blogs. Shoppers can also send out the link to friends or share the comparison via Facebook. Everyone who opens the link will be redirected to the online shopping website with the open widget and the comparison of the two items. Volunteer voters will evaluate the two items and choose what they think is the better look. The key to this widget is the instant feedback. After a few minutes, confused shoppers that sent out for help will receive at least a dozen votes, saving them time and stress.

The Lookmash service also caters to offline fashionistas. It allows users to take pictures of themselves in their outfits and then ask for opinions. This can be a crucial moment for some women before they start their day or go out at night.

The Lookmash widget hopes to influence the fashion industry and online shopping market by increasing sales, the amount of traffic and shopper loyalty. The widget is available for purchase in several different service packages to benefit your eboutique or ecommerce site.

To download your free mobile Lookmash app, visit www.Lookmash.com. To learn more about the widget services, visit www.Lookmash.net.

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