Louboutin to design skates for Johnny Weir

Figure skater Johnny Weir isn't just known for his prowess on the ice, but also on the red carpet.

Weir was featured on “The Rachel Zoe Project” last season, and his avant-garde, no-holds-barred approach to style was right up the Zoe team's alley.

Now Weir says his high heels of choice may go with him on the ice. During a broadcast of Martha Stewart's “Sirius XM” radio program, Weir revealed that Christian Louboutin will design a pair of red-soled ice skates for him.

“I love me some red soles,” Weir told New York Magazine at the radio show. He said that the Louboutin skates will be the first pair made and will be exclusive to Weir.

He also disclosed to NY Mag that he has more fashion plans in the future. Weir is working on a coat with Afrienne Landau, he will be the “centerpiece” in Elise Overland's Fashion Week show, and he is walking Asher Levine's runway as a model.

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