LUX Beauty:  New Skin Care Line JolieMD to Address Color Pigmentation

One of the major calling cards to your fashion statement is your skin. With so many choices for skin care out there how can you possibly choose?

Well LUXies, there is a new skin care line by JolieMD called ‘Metamorphosis’ that will be available to purchase this December. It was designed to address skin coloration concerns, such as hyperpigmentation, post-pregnancy melasma or acne. Using a less invasive approach this line is meant to offer you a LUX alternative to more harsh treatments such as skin peels and bleaching.

“This is a strong product,” said Solieman, admitting a challenge in formulating JolieMD products was to make them simultaneously effective and tolerable. Litner added, “We want to answer all the pressing needs in a really simple way. It kills us when the market says you have four different problems and four different products to deal with that.” –WWD.com

Created by two Beverly Hills plastic surgeons, Peyman Solieman and Jason Litner, in collaboration with beauty blogger, Nadine Haobsh, this new line is meant to address skin challenges, regardless of skin type. This characteristic makes this product stand out from competitors’ products since it was created to fit all ethnic categories!

JolieMD Metamorphosis will be packed in conjunction with a Softening Serum and an Enlightening Serum, which will retail for approximately $90. Expect to see it first in C.O. Bigelow and Studio BeautyMix at Fred Segal come December.

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JolieMD’s serum and lotion

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