LUX Deals: High-End Wine at Discount Prices

Wine sales have increased in this economic market, but only for bottles under $35! This has created a LUX-ified opportunity for all you wine-enthusiasts to get a taste of some of the finest vintages at a fraction of the cost.

With this stagnation of fine wine, warehouses are packed with cases and cases of quality wine that are simply collecting dust. This is a problem with the up and coming harvests in the U.S. and Europe and room must be made. All of this is leaning towards a ‘fire sale’ or what most of us know as clearance deals.

Among the more eyebrow-raising deals he's seen in the past several weeks have been half bottles of Joseph Phelps Insignia Napa cabernet 2002, Wine Spectator magazine's wine of the year, wholesaling for a mere $10 each (the wine's release price for a full-size bottle was $150). –

Savvy wine connoisseurs beware, because ‘fire sales’ are not lasting long. Expect deals on high-end bottles of wine to last through the end of September. So, if you’d like to get some early Christmas gifts, or stock up on delicious wine this offer might be your best opportunity yet!

To find out more about different wine opportunities, check out these wine retailers: K&L Wine Merchants, Grapes - The Wine Company, Wine Library, Gary’s Wine & Marketplace, Sherry-Lehmann and Burgundy Wine Company.

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