LUX Desserts:  Tempting Fashionable Delights by Horchow

As you know LUXies our talent and artistic genius can come in many forms. Though, what could be more LUX when it is expressed through delicious treats??

Well, these fabulous designer cakes offered by Horchow take their inspiration from the fashion industry by creating replicas of handbags that are good enough to eat!! Except this time around you can.

Even better is that they can also act as a fashionable centerpiece prior to sharing in the treasured delight.

One of our FAVs has to be the ‘quilted chocolate handbag cake’ shown above. This serves up to 12-14 people and is a white chocolate butter cake with two fillings. One is the chocolate ganache and the other a white chocolate buttercream, where together they make the perfect pairing of rich and savory!!

You might also want to try out the ‘Zebra-Striped Handbag Cake’ and the ‘Sassy Satchel Cake’ both offering something a bit different and compliment different styles.

These designer cakes are around $225 - $300 depending on the style and delivery costs. You must order in advance and to ensure freshness, they can only be delivered Tuesday through Friday, excluding weekends.

To check out the full designs, visit

What do you think LUX Nation? Do these desserts tempt your inner fashionista, your desire for yummy treats or perhaps, both?

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