LUX-ified Learning:  Combining Science + Technology + Fun

LUX Nation, a Northern California school, the ASA Academy, has decided to launch a new innovative idea to attract a higher level of female science geeks of the future!!

The tactic of persuasion is a new online 3-D game called ‘Universe Quest.’ The game was created as an afterschool program to help 6th through 12th grade female students to learn about astronomy and other science knowledge. This experiential learning opportunity allows the students to create characters and have fun while learning about what has been slotted traditional male-dominated fields of study!! wink

“Our main goal is to get them interested in careers in science and technology, build their own self-confidence, see that there’s a trajectory for them,” said UC Berkeley astrophysicist Carl Pennypacker

Carl Pennypacker is the coordinator of the ‘Universe Quest’ program and was the initiator of testing this pilot program with ASA Academy in Oakland. The goal was to educate the underrepresented communities in the pipeline to science and technology careers.

With the help of a $1.5 million three-year grant from the National Science Foundation to UC Berkley, Pennypacker is collaborating with the ASA Academy and the Girl Scouts.

The intent of this program is to make it global in nature and to ‘link minds’ from around the world to encourage future focus in both the science and technology fields!!

This program is designed to take lack-luster curriculum from necessary subjects and translate it into the language of today’s time, engaging games! Innovative, fun, and applied learning makes this concept definitely LUX!!


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