LUX Look: Frills, Flounces, and Flourishes Abound

How great is to be a girl? We here at LadyLUX love it, and this spring there are feminine looks galore. One glance at the spring runway shows last fall and we could see that we’d be embracing our womanhood to the fullest.

The look: Skirts with multiple layers of ruffles, flounces, and/or cascading fabric that let you show off your gams, strut your stuff, have it all! OK, enough 1980-lady commercial gusto, but all this to say, the bottoms are full of frilly fun this season. As a matter of fact, I remember wearing such skirts in the 1980s—although they were not the going-out-kind, but more sporty in nature. Minis were big when I was a wee youth (very wee), and I loved them because of the comfort factor—and that they helped me strut my pre-pubescent stuff. A girl’s gotta learn somehow. Now that I’m a big girl, I love my big girl clothes—to the max.

And who will I be looking at now to deliver that post-pubescent stuff? Designers from the haute of the fashion chain on down, such as Dior for starters, who created a ruffly blue number for spring (the French do frills well), or Dolce & Gabbana, who crafted a super seductive pink and black lace flounce. The rainbow assortment from Moschino Cheap & Chic (who else does color so well? Besides their Italian brethren Missoni, that is) will be super cute; too bad I don’t still have my rainbow toesocks from the 1980s. And a fabulous number from British knitwear designer Mark Fast is easily one of the most unique pieces I’ve seen in a long time (his knit numbers could pack Morticia Addams’ closet full). Paul & Joe have offered up flouncy bottoms in their own quirky fab way, as has Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti, more cheerleader than class flirt, but still with and added flounce at the bottom to give it a kick. Miss DVF has done it again with a skirt of gorgeous peacock colors as only she can fashion them, sheer woman all around. And Top Shop has made the most wearable I’ve seen, in a beautiful muted beige with black waistband (and the most affordable—at a whole 35 pounds—$35 to you and me).

Call up the boys. It’s going to be girlie times ahead.

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