LUX Look: Outerwear

There will come a day that we will grow tired of the sun, wearing summer clothes and crave nothing more than to be cozy in a coat. For this upcoming Fall season, we will have a plethora of exciting options to wear, as long as global warming doesn’t stand in our way.

Designers have stepped away from the leather jackets and have moved forward with options in fur, plaid, cropped, and oh-so much more, giving us something to think about or really - shop about. Still strong from last season, fur jackets are pawing the runway. ACNE, Burberry, Chanel, Gucci and Thakoon were just a small handful that was showing fur in outerwear. Fur jackets came hooded, belted, trimmed, long, short and shaggy. Gucci’s shaggy fur jacket added a 70’s kick to the collection, while Thakoon’s hooded furs and fur sleeves gave that sporty vibe. Both Balmain and Gucci also went for the fur in leopard prints, delivering 90’s chic. Plaid was definitely apparent in outwear, as shown by Bensoni, Christian Dior, and Jaeger London. Bensoni created plaid pieces with fur trimmed collars and Dior went with versatile trench coats. The plaid outerwear was styled in more a rugged manner, matched with tights and boots. Military jackets haven’t left the scene just yet. Burberry and Louis Vuitton approached military jackets with a more proper, traditional feel like “the red coats are coming”. Louis Vuitton’s coats were styled over long ladylike dresses, giving military a softer side. Gwen Stefani ‘s L.A.M.B collection portrayed military with cargos jackets and more army inspired. Several designers including Matthew Williamson, went for a more swingy cape coat, giving us another silhouette to play with. And perhaps freshest on the scene is Burberry’s reinvention of the aviator jacket. Christopher Bailey plays with the traditional aviator jacket and takes it over the top with full collars of fuzzy shearling. Moments after the show ended, the jackets were available online and of course sold-out in seconds. Be prepared to stash your leather jacket away and replace it with a little Top Gun action.

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