LUX Look: Tribal Necklaces

We all saw Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fall 2010 runway looks that featured indigenous inspired head coverings and fabrics from all over the world. Now the look has translated from adornments to accessories, as jewelry designers take a cue from the fashion houses and go bold with an attention to their wares. Unusual mediums—such as wood, large stones, horn and bone—are seen in these tribal looks.

Stephen Dwek’s multicolored stone necklace is lux yet time-worn, appearing like an antique find from a foreign location. If you look closely, the stones have gold symbols on them as well, adding his signature attention to detail. The feather chest piece, by the same designer, is made of bone shaped into intricately cut feathers. It’s hard to say whether an edgy artist or an Indian princess would wear the piece. The linked chain, made by Nest in a tortiseshell hue, may appear modern but the use of African horn definitely puts the wearer smack dab in Bali. Robert Rodriguez seems to have gotten his idea for the stacked ring necklace from the indigenous women of Africa and the islands, the look is put on the western continent by preparing it in 21st century silver.

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