LUX Love: Jonathan Adler + 7 For All Mankind

Everyone loves Jonathan Adler's aesthetic when it comes to modern ceramics and home decor, matched up with his stylish mate (Barney's creative director, Simon Doonan)—the two are a dynamic duo for design. This month, Adler decided to combine his love for crisp lines, color and good ol'Americana by collaborating with denim powerhouse, 7 for All Mankind. Known for jumpstarting the denim craze in the early millennium, 7 for All Mankind features classic American, tailored denim for men and women alike. Worn by the hottest celebs and sold at the trendiest retail stores, their signature pocket design is as recognizable as the LV monogram. Jonathan Adler's design mind seemed to fit right in with the 7 look, modernizing their classic denim by tailoring the men's pants or trying new fabrics (such as white corderory) and topping it all off with Adler's pipe logo on the back pocket. Don't forget the ladies. Peg leg denim, bright polos and high waists rock the Adler lookbook, perfect for a weekend away at the Adler-Doonan summer house. The collection is separated into 3 vibes: Pop, Deluxe and Rustic. Pop exudes his classic color-wheel, Deluxe features shiny denim and deep blues, and Rustic is the perfect look for a picnic in the Hamptons.

Reported by Racked, Adler apparently got the call to collaborate and couldn't be more excited since they are one of his favorite brands. How did he channel ceramics to clothing? “The creative DNA for all my designs, from furniture to fabrics to lighting, comes from my pottery. I saw the clothing as an extension of my design vocabulary”, the designer told the web site.

Adler got the thumbs up from his number two, Doonan and says the two are definitely going to be sporting his classic looks for 7 For All Mankind. The best part? Almost all the looks are under $200.

The collection hit stores yesterday, and while some is available online, the full collection will go virtual next week at 7forallmankind.com.

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