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Ever wish you could try on that salmon shade to make sure you look Palm Beach pretty and not “Golden Girls”? Tryvertising is the newest trend in retail sales, where customers have the chance to actually use the product before they buy. While some drugstores offer return policies for used products, this is a more chic way to sample and also gives buyers incentive to come back for more. These three stops have put tryvertising to the test and it looks like it’s getting a thumbs up from their sample group.

Japan: Shiseido
In February, The Takashimaya department store in Tokyo launched the Digital Cosmetic Mirror by Shiseido, a mirror that allows shoppers to see how makeup will look without ever having to touch their face! Don’t worry about walking out with a new mug, the screen merely scans your face and applies the makeup according to the customer’s preferences. You can even see a snapshot of yourself, before and after, to compare the new look and decide on your purchase.

Spain: Esloúltimo
The Barcelona-based chain came up with an ingenious rewards program that gives loyal buyers five samples of new products with every purchase. Simply pay 5EUR every six months and shoppers can try the latest in skin, beauty, and fragrance products. When the shop opened it’s doors the first month, the lines were wrapped around the block. It seems tryvertising is in high demand.

USA: Sample U
Located on the San Diego campus of Alliant International University, the sampling center is focused on market research and working alongside product developers to create the best products. An array of “trysumers” are needed at Sample U, from foodies to makeup mavens, to sample the variety of products they study at a time. Shoppers are encouraged to “take seconds” and bring products home to share with friends. Who said nothing in life comes for free?


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