LUX Marketing: Short Film by Donna Karen to Star Christina Ricci

A creative new campaign utilizing the talent of Christina Ricci and the innovative perspective of designer, Donna Karan will soon hit the airwaves.

The short film is called ‘Four Play’ and showcases the new leather Eldridge handbag that converts into four separate looks. To play on this theme, Ricci embodies four characters, each with a different version of the purse. The dreamer, the paramour, the expressionist and the voyeur has Ricci displaying her obvious talent in such a cool new take on combining film with fashion!

This mini feature is sure to be a masterpiece with the collaborative effort of The Donna Karen Co., People’s Revolution and creative agency, All Day Everyday. It was even directed by Jake Sumner, son of Sting and Trudle Styler, which will help set the stage for more innovative marketing approaches!

Expect this short film to be released online shortly. We’re excited to hear your impressions and takes on ‘Four Play.’

So LUX Nation, what do you think of this new Christina Ricci appearance? Does it inspire you to re-invent any of your own fashion accessories with a whole new look this winter?

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