Lux Profile: Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas has lived a full 92 years filled with enormous highs and lows including success, illness and loss. While Douglas has faced many hardships in the public eye, he has grown from these experiences and found the treasure inside every tightly locked trunk of pain and darkness. Even cooler, he has chosen to share his knowledge and growth with the world through what seems like an open filter.

Mr. Douglas just wrapped “Before I forget,” a one man show all about his personal life and his career. CNN did a inspiring interview with the star in which he recaps his lifetime of experiences and lessons learned. Powerful and insightful, it is a definite must read.

I think ... you must care for others. That's the correct religion, I think. You have to learn eventually to care for other people. My mother said once to me—and we were very poor—but my mother said, “A beggar must give something to another beggar who is worse off than he.” And that has stuck with me. ... If people give whatever they can give to help other people, we will solve all of the problems of the world. ...

To read more of the interview go to CNN.

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