Lux Profile: Today With Katie Couric

Katie Couric is one of the empowered female icons of the times who appears to do it all—balancing a high profile career with being a dedicated and caring mother. Intelligent, warm, friendly, and courageous, she continues to press on and go after what she wants despite harsh public criticism. Hardwork and perseverance are just two of the values she tries to instill in her daughters, and she does this by embodying these characteristics herself. Two years ago Katie became the highest paid journalist in history and the first woman ever to own a nightly news desk solo. And even though she brings in $15 million a year, the news anchor drives a minivan and makes time for a nightly eight o'clock dinner date with her daughters. We have all embraced Katie and made her a part of our daily lives, inviting her into our homes to share a cup of coffee. Be sure to catch an extensive interview with Katie this month in Elle magazine where she dishes on her transition from the Today show to CBS, parenthood, and how she rocked coverage of the 2008 election scoring key interviews such as Sara Palin.

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