LUX-Scent:  Relieving Stress through a Scientific Fragrance

LUXies, have you noticed how nature has a way of calming your nerves? How when you are feeling stressed just going outside and get a breath of fresh air can allow you to feel at ease?

Well, it seems technology has decided to explore this positive impact through the use of scents!! Researchers have found that the ‘smell of cut grass’ actually can reduce the feeling of stress. Interesting right?? Though this is probably not making you want to trade places with your gardener anytime soon! wink

Luckily, you will not have to! Dr. Nickolas Lavidis from Queensland University of Australia has created a formula, referred to as Serenascent, that is currently being used in some room sprays that can be applied on bed linens and clothing that has shown to reduce the feeling of stress and actually invokes a calm affect!!

“It [Serenascent] is a mixture of hexanals, hexenols and pinenes in very specific ratios…. Specifically it greatly reduces the structural changes that occur in the hippocampus [a part of the brain associated with memory and spatial orientation] during prolonged stress thus maintaining normal memory function,” explains Dr. Lavidis.

Though, it works to relieve the feelings of stress it does not do it through the ‘associative’ nature of the smells. Meaning LUX Nation, you are not feeling calm because it is reminding you of the smell of cut grass and the memories you have associated with that smell. It actually has a physical impact on the ‘amygdala’ within the brain structure, which is normally associated with our stress response!! Now that is what I call a LUX-solution; it smells good, it freshens up your house and invites you to relax more!! Wow, where do I buy some???

As of now, these scientists have formulated a company called Serenascent and expect to see this ingredient in combination with soaps, shampoos and other fragrances on the consumer market one day soon!!

So LUX Nation, what do you think? Would you be interested in testing it out if this fragrance has the ability to bring some ‘peace of mind’ to your world?

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