LUX-Shoes: Vegan Footwear Transformed into Sexy, Eco-Chic Attire

With green becoming the new black, Vegan footwear options are beginning to go mainstream! Designers and manufactures are now ‘thinking beyond the shoe’ to create stylish footwear that is both eco-chic and vegan!

“Vegan fashion is a growing trend,” says Michael McGraw, spokesman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. “Times have never been better for vegan fashion,” he says. “Vegan apparel and accessories companies are sprouting up everywhere in the U.S.”

Trendy, less impact on the environment and made with a ‘conscience,’ these shoes aim to put a positive hop in your step. No longer does your consumer power have to support simply ‘pretty’ shoes. With options ranging from everyday, to trend, to HAUTE, now your feet can make even more of an eco-fashion statement!

To give you a taste of this new ‘trend,’ we here at LadyLUX have decided to feature some of our FAVs. From Stella McCartney to Ragazzi Vegan Company, these shoes just might make room for new perceptions on green footwear options. Check out the gallery and let us know what you think??

Is the ‘vegan’ trend making you want to LUX yourself with a new pair??


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