Lux Style: Bandaged Leggings

For those that thought the legging trend was on its way out ... well, they're wrong. Although a plain tee with black leggings might not be the freshest of trends, the concept is being constantly reinterpreted – first with the “jegging” (denim legging) and now with the bandaged legging, which features patches of faux or real leather on parts of the leg. As far as fashion goes, the stretchy staple appears to be here to stay.

The Space Age-looking legging has been on racks since the summer. It wasn't until big names such as Marc Jacobs and Helmut Lang started taking the new style seriously, however, that fashionistas everywhere begin to contemplate if they could pull off the patchy, (usually) pleather look.

There are many different approaches to the trend, some animal-friendly and some not. Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. Leather & Ponte Leggings feature panels of genuine leather on stretchy black jersey. Instead of going for the jodhpur look, which is very common for the new bandaged style, the panels accentuate the legs and bum.

Elizabeth and James' leggings keep it simple with small, pleather-looking inserts (actually made of elastic), which make the pair easy for everyday wear. A slight flair on the pants also gives the leg a little room to move around.

Not surprising due to its namesake, Kill City gives the leggings a rocker look with big square panels that cover the calves and thighs. Cleverly positioned zippers on the knees give the pants some extra edge. Paired with an all-black ensemble, the look might be the perfect way to attract some must-needed fashion attention while out on the town.

On the other hand, Marc Jacobs brings some sass and class to the trend by amping up the leather look while keeping it simple. Instead of going for the patchy, paneled style, Marc Jacobs knows it's all about a first impression, so he keeps the focus on the front. Real leather covers the front of the pant, whereas the back is comfy in a knit blend.

With a long tee, these pleather leggings by FACTORY BY ERIK HART give the illusion of some wallet-breaking leather pants. However, the reasonably priced pair – which also only features paneling on the front of the leg – uses animal-friendly fabrics such as rayon and spandex. Finish the outfit off with a cute vest and some silver accessories, and you're ready to rock out.

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