LUX Style File: Designer Karolina Zmarlak from New York

Attention LUXies, we came across this cool, resourceful designer who has decided to begin anew despite the economic landscape. Karolina Zamarlak aims at creating pieces that can be worn inside out and never wrinkle!! Perfect for the LUX jet setter!!

New York native, Karolina Zmarlak, is definitely making a scene in the fashion world with her classic pieces that can be relevant and flexible. Her collection is seamless in design, ‘innovative in execution’ and simply timeless. Oh, and did I mention the clothes are constructed to fit any size! Despite the economy, she has chosen to launch her collection and stand strong in the faith that she has designed pieces that meet the needs of the ‘new’ consumer!

“All ventures in the business of fashion are daunting because it is an industry that is constantly moving, contradictory, and revenue-challenged,” Karolina Zmarlak argues. “But it would be tragic to not face the demons and complexities by attempting to ‘wait it out.’” Rather than sitting on the sidelines, Zmarlak has jumped into the fashion game with an eponymous Autumn/Winter 2009 collection of directional and versatile clothes that bravely tackles women’s shifting perception of real fashion values. –via Businessoffashion.com

Zmarlak interprets the ‘sign of the times’ to mean that as consumers we want quality workmanship coupled with high fashion all at an amazing value—and wow, in Lady LUX’s opinion, Zmarlak has delivered!! Although she is considered to be in the high-end ‘ready-to-wear’ category of fashion, she has prices that are quite reasonable for the modern woman. Her collection can range between $200-$400 a piece, and are made to be flexible classics for any wardrobe.

“We hope [the clothes] will be seen as investment pieces for the woman’s closet,” Zmarlak says. “Our design is not trend-driven, but rather can be considered to hold to certain classic basics, while being forward in their expression, fabrication and quality.” –Businessoffashion.com

To check out more of these LUX items, visit Karolina Zamarlak.


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